Best places to kayak in Texas

A kayak is low to the water boat. The kayak was created many years ago, by the Eskimos in Arctic zones. There are many types of kayaks, to be used in white waters or flat waters. The shapes are different depending on the water type. Every kayak must have a flotation aid to prevent the kayak from the sink when it is filled with water. The life jacket and a helmet are mandatory for kayaking on whitewater. The kayaks are useful for many outdoor activities, such as wilderness exploitation, diving, and fishing.

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Waterways, reservoirs or lakes, perfect for kayaking, are blessing Texas inhabitants in search for workout activities.  The kayaking places vary from urban, peaceful waters to rapid-filled rivers. Everyone can find the perfect place for kayaking in the Lone Star State.

Brazos River

It is one of the longest rivers in the US. Brazos River spans 840 miles, flows through Texas to the Gulf of Mexico. The Brazos River offers a peaceful ride. Sometimes, storms cause the river to swell, to give rapid kayaker the chance to have a great ride.

Guadalupe River

This river is a hotspot for kayakers. The river tubes near Braunfels and offers many attractive spots from calm waters to rapid ones. There are a few spots to access Guadalupe River, where kayakers are enjoying the calm water.

Neches River

This river is the best choice for people reaching for calm and silence. The kayakers can spot the wildlife from Texas, reptiles, alligators, birds living in the area. Neches River flows in East Texas for many miles.

Colorado River

The longest river in Texas is a great place for kayakers. Beginners find on Colorado River a peaceful demeanor. Colorado River is perfect for kayakers in search for a spot away from tubers and swimmers.

Lady Bird Lake

In Austin, kayakers can take a great float in Lady Bird Lake. The river is in the middle of Austin and is the most popular place for kayakers in Lone Star State. Around the lake, there are rental places where the kayakers can find the appropriate boat. This Austin beautiful place also gives the chance to admire the beautiful capital.

Rio Grande

The river’s name reminds us, John Wayne, defending Texas border from Apaches. The Rio Grande is an important part of Big Bend National Park. This river attracts kayakers from all over the state. A trip to the Rio Grande offers a great view of the area, from canyons to desert mountains. Kayaking in the Rio Grande is an opportunity to test the skills for both mild rapid and class four rapid.