What is skydiving like?

If there are any adrenaline-addicts reading this, we know you have already tried one of the most exciting adventurous sports – skydiving. Those who hadn’t probably wonder: “What is skydiving like?” Read on and find out why this activity has reached such an enormous popularity.


Those who tried skydiving say that the preparation itself and the anticipation of the jump are the parts which make you the most nervous. This is especially true for the first-time skydivers. The first-time skydivers and the less experienced ones will definitely jump with a professional trainer. This is called a tandem jump. The preparation phase consists of arrival to the site, filling in the papers and forms and getting dressed for the jump.

Most of the skydiving clubs prepare the candidates in a large plane hangar or another shelter on the site by playing some good music or watching skydiving videos. You will definitely feel nervous during this part of your experience.

So if you are wondering what is skydiving like – the answer is that the team members will check your safety harness and other equipment and – you are ready for an exhilarating experience!

The jump

As you move towards the plane, you will inevitably think of the parachute. What if it doesn’t open? All skydivers experience the agony caused by this question when entering the plane. As the plane goes higher and higher, you will probably start re-questioning your decision. “10,000 feet is too high” will probably be a funny, but striking thought in those moments.

Soon, the plane door will open and then there’s no way back. Sooner or later, depending on the number of candidates, your instructor will push you out of the plane door. Those moments before the act itself will probably be the most exciting moments in your life. You will feel adrenaline rush so strong you will start screaming before you even get pushed. Your heart will be racing and you will feel your palms sweating.

After a few seconds, you will be flying towards the ground at 140 mph. The jump will be like nothing you experienced before. It will be both loud and serene, you will feel the wind gushing against you and those seconds before the parachute is open will stay carved into your memory forever. Then, the parachute opens, you slow down and enjoy the views. After the landing, you will be able to tell exactly what is skydiving like.